Jeremy-and-I-paintingFirstly, I like to meet the client to discuss what is required and ideas such as the size of the painting, clothing to be worn, composition, background, etc. 

I usually request two sittings of two hours to do sketches and take photographs. (Additional sittings may be required depending on the complexity of the painting). The sittings can take place either at the client’s home or in my studio. If the client is available, live sittings in the studio are very helpful. Sittings are essential to get to know the sitter and gain as much information as possible in order to create a painting which not only describes their physical appearance, but also their character. I strive to make the sittings as relaxed, informal and as enjoyable as possible.  

When the painting is completed, I invite the client to view the painting. Any adjustments can be made at this stage if necessary.

I initially ask for a 50% deposit as part payment to cover materials and time in creating the painting. Finally, when the client is happy, the remaining payment is made and the painting is delivered.

It is possible to paint posthumous portraits from photographs if there are suitable photographs available.

Framing can be arranged if required.

As all portraits are bespoke paintings please contact me for prices.